This is TOMO's Art Office Shop produced by Tomo Hirayama, a Japanese, composer.
We sell Musics, Scores and Japanese music items.

Tomo Hirayama graduated in sociology at Hitotsubashi University.
He majors in phenomenology and his graduation thesis was on the Husserl phenomenology.
He won a prize in Solo horn section of "The 2nd Japan junior winds and percussion contest".
He studied composition by himself and makes music mixing the sound of French horn and the synthesizer.
He offers his pieces for movies, DVDs, Net radio, etc.
He worked for a system integration company, a contemporary art gallery and a web design company.
He learned the French horn under Shozo Aida and composition under Minako Tokuyama.
Moreover, He receives advices from Ulrich Krieger - composer, saxophonist.